Formulating a holy grail blurring foundation, (hopefully)

I just wanted to update you that I’m currently working on updating some of my classic skincare formulas as well as working on an effective blurring foundation. I’m pretty excited about this foundation, y’all! So far it’s effectively blurring my pores and fine lines better than anything I’ve used thus far, and I have SO much texture to my skin! So, I took a few pics to show you guys.

I still want to tweak it a bit, then come up with a killer name and find gorgeous packaging, then I’ll be sending samples out to a few YouTubers and bloggers I know. (Don’t get ahead of yourself Leslie)…I know, I just wanted to state my intention clearly.


💞Happy New Year, friends!💞

Fall Fragrance and Harvey Prince Organics discount code, yo!


It’s time to find your new favorite Fall fragrance! How about trying something natural, that won’t cause you and others to need to puff on their inhaler every time they’re around you?! 😂

Harvey Prince uses essential oils to create their lovely fragrances! They’ve also formulated them with what I call “fragrance psychology”. The idea being certain scents trigger different emotions, memories, and feelings, and they’ve bottled and named each accordingly!

How cool is that??!! Very cool.20171116_115833-1.jpg

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Erno Lazlo Vit C Peel

This is an amazing product! This vitamin C peel does everything it claims and then some, and all without the use of parabens, phthalates, or sulfates! It’s easy to use, with instructions in all sorts of languages. It’s 2 simple steps to the softest, brightest, most even toned skin you’ve had in quite some time! I scooped a dollop out with the included spoon (that’s nice, so you don’t contaminate the product) and gently massaged it in upward, circular motion. You can feel yourself exfoliating all the tired, bad stuff away while your senses are delighted by the smell of fresh squeezed orange juice! After a few minutes of exfoliating I added a dropper of the white marble activator to my palm and smoothed it all over my face. This gave a nice warming sensation, it was pleasant. I left this on for another minute or two, then rinsed. I used the White Marble Translucence Cream they included 2 packets of as the finishing step. My skin felt baby soft and smooth, I kid you not! My skin has never felt this soft in my adult life, and it lasted! For days I’ve been touching my’s amazingly soft!! My skin tone was evened, my sun spots and damage faded, skin brightened! I’m hooked on this peel! Thank you #ErnoLazlo! I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review!
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